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Even Start of Missoula
Preschool Activities
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Even Start Preschool Schedule



8:00 am                        Arrival and reading time with parents


9:00                             Free choice


9:45                             Snack


10:00                           Circle time- calendar, weather, and songs and introduce the day


10:20                           Work time


10:40                           Inside – free choice


11:15                           Lunch prep


11:30                           Lunchtime


12:15                           Reading time then outside play


1:00 pm                        Story-time and rest-time (Please no interruptions.  Thank You)


2:30                             wake-up time


2:45                             Snack


3:00                             Story, song and review of the day


3:15                             Free choice activities


4:00                             Prepare to go home



Our schedule is flexible at times but we do try to keep a steady routine for the children.  We will have outside time everyday so please dress your child appropriately.






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