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Even Start of Missoula
Four Components
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In family literacy programs, children develop language and literacy skills with the support of their parents or primary caregivers, who also have the opportunity to improve their own skills. 

 Children's Education designed to promote the literacy development and learning of children, and also works to bring about lasting, meaningful involvement by engaging parents in their child's education environment.

  • Full day program
  • safe and secure enviroment
  • opportunities for self-selected activities
  • social interaction with others
  • learning centers to explore reading, block play, writing and art, science, math, and dramatic play

 Parent and Child Together (PACT) Time a regularly scheduled time for parents and their children to participate in interactive literacy experiences in a supportive environment. As parents become more comfortable in their role as their child's first teacher, PACT Time helps foster skills to support education in the home.
  • Fun and games with your child
  • Building parent and child bonds
  • Enhance parents' awareness of how children learn
  • Techniques for parents to support their children's learning at home

 Parent Time

...offers parent's instruction about their children's literacy development and provides opportunities to explore strategies to support that development, while building on their own strengths and discovering new resources.
  • Parenting classes
  • Parent support group
  • Parenting information
  • Community resources and presentations
  • Access to Missoula community's parent classes

 Adult Education

...extends the learning experience for parents as they pursue their educational and career goals, gaining the skills they need to be effective employees, active community members, and leaders and supporters of their families.
  • GED preparation
  • Job skills training
  • Resume writing
  • Improve reading, writing, math skills

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